Citi Sweet Treat Program

Partnering with Taste of Tennis Creates Opportunities! As a sponsor of the 2015 Taste of Tennis New York, Citi entertained 150 VIP clients. Additionally, AYS (producers of Taste of Tennis) introduced Citi to renowned pastry chef Francois Payard. Impressed with Payard’s credentials (James Beard Award Winner) and engaging personality, Citi tasked AYS to design a platform with Chef Payard to support the launch of the state of the art Citi Client Center on 6th Avenue. The result: AYS created the “Citi Sweet Treat” loyalty program. This “tasty” endeavor featured appearances by Chef Payard at the Citi Client Center, interactive content and recipes for Citi’s digital platforms, and perhaps best of all, select Citi clients received a fresh pack of Francois Payards world famous macarons!

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